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We are a trusted strategic partner to advance mission success and impact. We know how mission-based work challenges even great leaders to focus forward with strategic clarity, intention, alignment.

Leadership & Strategy Development for Social Purpose Leaders

We bring seasoned leadership, strategy expertise and insight from 35+ years advancing social change, success and impact. We collaborate to understand your vision, mission, aspirations, and  strategic gaps to reaching your next-level goals. We deliver services and results to shape and structure the way forward.

How We Can Help

Advance Mission Success & Impact for Organizations and Initiatives

Strategy Development

Strategy Development

Help Leaders Maintain Clarity, Focus, Alignment


Leadership Counsel

Build Insight, Relationships, & Engagement


Community Insight

Shape Narratives of Mission Success & Impact


Image by Hannah Busing

“Leaders establish the vision for the future, and set the strategy for getting there”

~ John P. Kotter

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