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Advancing social change for equitable opportunity is the heart and soul of my career. Diving into issues and community. Building Trust. Finding creative solutions. Shaping strategies to guide the way forward.


Charisse L. Grant

I am devoted to advancing equitable opportunity and supporting changemakers - strengthening communities, social purpose organizations and leaders, and amplifying stories to drive change.


My practice works with nonprofits, foundations, and for-profit initiatives, particularly at startup or growth stage. I use my abilities as a leader, strategist, and communicator to help move forward visions, mission success and impact with clarity, intention, structure, alignment.


I bring deep knowledge of social-economic issues, nonprofit and funding sectors, and seasoned experience in executive and team leadership. I blend my insight and expertise from 27 years leading and growing a foundation’s community investments and programs, my executive roles, and a decade in journalism addressing social issues.


Prior to my practice, I was Senior Vice President & Strategy Advisor at The Miami Foundation, one of Florida’s largest philanthropic institutions. I designed and led innovative strategic initiatives, forged partnerships with local and national funders, diverse sectors and communities, built nonprofit capacity, led its signature program to groom rising civic leaders. Journalism honed my abilities to engage community, analyze issues, shape key questions and narratives to advance solutions.

Charisse L. Grant

Founder & Principal Consultant

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